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ISO 9001

Learn more about ISO 9001 and it's benefits

If you’re looking at improving the way your organisation runs then you may have come across terms such as ISO 9001. But what exactly is ISO 9001, what are the benefits of it and how do you get your ISO 9001 certification?

What Is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems (QMS). It is overseen by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) which is an international organisation that oversees varying quality standards such as ISO 14000, ISO 27000, ISO 22000 as well as ISO 9001. It is the most popular international standard in the ISO 9000 series and is the only one to which organisations can become accredited with. ISO 9001 is a powerful

The International Organisation for Standardization first published ISO 9001 in 1987. Today, well over one million organisations in more than 160 countries have gone through the accreditation process in order to demonstrate their ability to meet their regulatory requirements as well as providing a high quality and consistent customer experience. ISO 9001 has been developed over the years and the latest version is ISO 9001:2015 which was released in September 2015.

The Benefits Of ISO 9001

Going through the certification process and becoming accredited has a number of valuable benefits for any organisation. These include:

  • Meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Product and service delivery consistency
  • More effective use of resources
  • Increased business productivity
  • Increased business performance
  • Enhanced cost management
  • Improved and consistent customer satisfaction
  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • Market share increase as well as growing revenue
  • Better image to prospective customers, clients and stakeholders
  • A raising of staff morale and satisfaction

Overall, implementing ISO 9001 enacts a multilayered culture change for the better in organisations, bring an awareness of quality and its importance to all people and parts of the business. It is often found that even those members of an organisation who are resistant to change in terms of implementing ISO 9001 almost always learn to appreciate the practical value and usefulness of a good quality management system.

Becoming ISO 9001 Certified

Choosing to make your organisation ISO 9001 accredited is one of the most positive decision that any organisation can make, helping to ensure their products or services are of a high quality and consistent and their customers get a high quality experience.

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The foundation of the entire process, effective planning is necessary to ensure your ISO 9001 quality management system is implemented efficiently, effectively and compliantly.


Once the planning of the ISO 9001 quality management system has been done, it’s time to implement. This involves:

  • Setting measurable performance measures
  • Development of key documents including:
    • Quality Manual
    • Control of Documents Procedure
    • Control of Records Procedure
    • Control of Nonconformances Procedure
    • Internal Audit Procedure
    • Corrective Action Procedure
    • Preventive Action Procedure


The review stage is where the quality management system audited internally against ISO 9001 standards. If passed, this means that the organisation can be said to be compliant with ISO 9001.


Once your organisation has been assessed and audited by an accredited Registrar specialising in ISO 9001, ISO 9001 accreditation can be awarded.

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  • Meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Product and service delivery consistency
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