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Is ISO 9001 worth it?


ISO 9001 – or more properly, ISO 9001:2015 – is a globally recognised standard that accredits quality management systems. Businesses who have achieved their ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrate to customers that they have an audited QMS in place, and that they are constantly working to improve their processes and products.

As a quality benchmark, the standard has strong international recognition and is known across all markets and industries, making it a strong indicator of a quality business. This appeals to customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders in a business. Looking at each benefit in turn:

Customer value

A business with ISO 9001 accreditation can meet the growing and increasingly complex demands of customers by operating a quality system that is managed with documented procedures. The constant improvement ethos can help you to meet and exceed customer expectations, and improve your retention.

New business

Once you have your ISO 9001 accreditation, new income streams and markets will become open to you. The certification allows businesses to charge premiums for the products and services that they offer, which customers are prepared to pay for.

Better service and organisational quality

Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, a non-profit or commercial enterprise, the quality ethos of ISO9001 means that you can reap rewards across your entire organisation – from staff workflow planning through to stock management, health and safety, training, performance development, customer service and more.

The ability to articulate company processes

ISO 9001 as a programme helps organisations to identify their processes, analyse them, improve them and document the optimised results. This is a cyclical process which is achieved through a quality management system. Companies with ISO 9001 will have a far better understanding of how their business works and be able to articulate this.

A professional culture

A QMS system and quality culture empower and motivate staff, by showing them exactly what is expected, setting clear goals and targets, and giving everyone the tools that they need to do their job well. This can be a powerful boost for employees, who enjoy working in a more professional culture and who are increasingly inclined to help re-engineer processes from within for maximum business benefit. By engaging employees with ISO9001, firms can see costs plummet and productivity rise.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about ISO 9001 and what it can do for your business today – and in the future.

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