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How much does ISO 9001 certification cost?


Easily integrated into any business, ISO 9001 is focused on ensuring that business provides a uniform level of quality to its customers through well-defined, regularly reviewed protocols, processes and procedures. Central to any consideration of what is required to obtain certification to the Quality Management standard is the question of cost.

The total cost of ISO 9001 registration varies according to the size and complexity of your business operation as well as what active elements of a quality management system you already possess.

The other factors influencing cost include the number of sites you will be operating, the output from those sites and the total number of personnel engaged across those sites.

What ISO 9001 registration costs involve:

Engaging a Registrar

The registration audit is carried out by a Registrar and the cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of your organisation. You will be charged according to the number of audit days spent at your organisation. If the Registrar is not local, you will need to factor in travel expenses and also bear in mind administrative and accreditation fees will be incurred as well. It is advisable to contact a Registrar directly but, usually, the overall price will cover an auditor’s fees as well as travel and living expenses. There will also be the application and registration fees and an optional initial assessment charge. Furthermore, you will be liable for Certification audit (Year 1) and Surveillance audits (Year 2 and 3) fees. If you do want reassessments (which are optional) these will need to be incorporated as well.

There are also internal costs to consider. These will involve such issues as the time your staff will have to spend building and implementing the system and whatever that is projected to be, you will need to allow time to complete these steps:

* Study and understand ISO 9001
* Carry out Gap Analysis
* Devise your project
* Train your personnel
* Fully document your Quality Management System (QMS) to include a Quality Manual, procedures/work instructions or flowcharts; forms and records. Implementation of your QMS will involve auditing it then registration and, finally, interviewing potential Auditors.

It is advisable to hire outside help to be sure to get all this right. Calculated on the basis of a business’ annual turnover, a company turning over up to £250k will probably incur fees between £1000 and £2000, and for a company yielding £2.5m to £5m, something in the order of £3000-£5000.

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