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Because an increasing number of customers require assurance that products, systems and services are provided to a suitable definitive standard by modern quality means, even if the customer has good previous experience of the company.

The list of customers who require QA Registration is growing rapidly, and in the near future it is probable that only those companies with certification or registration to ISO9000 will be eligible to tender in certain business sectors.

For the company, implementation of an effective QA System should mean easier entry into new markets, improved business efficiency, enhanced reputation, reduced costs, and a better competitive position in the marketplace.

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Peter Griffin is managing consultant of P Griffin & Associates (PGA); one of the leading quality management consultancies operating in Europe and the USA.

P Griffin & Associates have assisted 260 companies (ranging from 3 employees to multi-national corporations) to achieve improvements in quality and ISO9000 Registration.

While the majority of companies fail to achieve ISO9000 certification at the first attempt, 98% of PGA's quality assurance clients have achieved first-time success.

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