ISO9000 Registration Process


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The ISO9000 Registration Process

As any company's quality management system can be compared for compliance to ISO9000 a substantial business has developed in offering this service. These are now approximately 120 Registration Bodies throughout the world. All of them operate in similar fashion, however their prices and operating timescales differ widely.

Summarizing the Registration process:

Once a company achieves Registration is can be used as a marketing benefit, as a demonstration to all customers (and potential customers) that the company has a consistent quality management system.

Editor's Notes

Peter Griffin is managing consultant of P Griffin & Associates (PGA); one of the leading quality management consultancies operating in Europe and the USA.

P Griffin & Associates have assisted 260 companies (ranging from 3 employees to multi-national corporations) to achieve improvements in quality and ISO9000 Registration.

While the majority of companies fail to achieve ISO9000 certification at the first attempt, 98% of PGA's quality assurance clients have achieved first-time success.

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