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Once products have been inspected, there should be a method for easily identifying them as acceptable or unacceptable. This can be achieved in many ways, including:-

associated documents
test reports
physical location

The method(s) used must be decided by the company, and may vary for different types of product, however the objective remains to easily identify the status of any product in the company. If this is not possible, the only recourse is to inspect it again, to confirm its status;.. this is a wasted expense.

A major airport installed new lighting in one of its terminals. There were 800 similar lights. Shortly after commissioning, some began to fail, at a rate of 25 per week. They were difficult to replace, needing ladders and trestles. After four weeks, the fault was traced to a small component. After three further weeks, it was established that all of the lights contained components from the same "suspect" batch. It was therefore decided to change all of the components in an organized manner. The only problem was that nobody has remembered to identify or record which of the lights had already been repaired !

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